Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto is cool, fantastic, and really wonderful. She is really nice and sweet. Her name is Trista and she has lots of friends. she uses her power to save the Earth, and in the future she protects,save, and defend her Princess, Princess Serenity and save, protects, and defends the moon.

Sailor Star Healer

He is hot for a girl. She is awesome and totally cool. She is in a band called 3 Lights but is in disguise as a guy his name is Yaten as a girl too. She is Sailor Star Healer, she is looking for her Princess, Princess Kakyuu to save their home planet.


She is cool. She is sweet to her friends. She is totally caring because she protects princess Serenity. She defeats evil with her wand she uses her wand and says Pluto Death Scream. Her secret is that she is sailor Pluto and that she is so totally awesome because she can stop time with her wand as well.


Rei is a sweet, she is caring, and she is helpful. she is caring to her princess, princess Serenity. she reads lots of magazines of clothes, boys, and models, oh and love magazines. she used to like Darian but now she knows that he is Serena's prince, Prince Endymion in the future.


Mina is awesome, she is cool, and she is a good friend. she is smart she makes a nice couple with yaten but yaten is a girl. she is a brave, she likes a lot of cute boys.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008